København | Copenhagen

New video is avaivable. When I was in Copenhagen I skipped main tourist destinations, because of limited time and visited something new. Except historial center I had oppurnity to see some of modern: Blue Planet/ 3xn (Den Blå Planet) – National Aquatium Denmark and unconventional designed street Superkilen/ Toptek  + BIG Architecs + Superflex(see the links).

Aquarium was quiet good. I really like the shape. The logic of the place is well played, but I found one imperfection. Around the building it was so windy and when you imagine, that you are staying in the queue for tickets, it´s really uncomfortable… so I missed something where you can hide. After I arrived to Superkilen I was pleasantly surprised and little bit disapointed together. I really enjoyed the part with stripes. There was a lot of options, where you can spend your time in the city, especially kids… but the „pink part“ was not like they imagined I think… space is austere, cold and impersonal. I found improper use of material on seating furniture. They used steel and stone for benches, which is inappropriate in so cold country like Denmark. Overall I like the inovative idea.. it is new soulution how to design place in old uniform district and if the people love to meet there, then it´s allright and it fullfils it´s purpose… enough talk – check out the video.

If you are on your mobile phone or tablet, you probably don´t see video below > too watch video click here<


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