Porto Academy – Fran Silvestre

lokalita: FAUP, Porto, Portugalsko
rok: 2018
typ: letní škola
zadavatel: Porto Academy
vedoucí práce: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos  (Fran Silvestre, Sevak Asatrián, Maria Masia)

téma: 37oC. Architecture in extreme environments

Snímek obrazovky 2018-08-06 v 23.11.39 Snímek obrazovky 2018-08-06 v 23.11.45

The aim of the workshop is to react on the ability of architecture to guarantee the human body the ideal temperature and environmental conditions for its survival. For this, a series of locations are presented where the climatic conditions are very extreme, from the hottest and driest places, to the coldest and rainiest, taking into account other aspects such as wind, snow or fog. From this point, a work of analysis of each place and its traditional architecture is generated, including the morphology and construction techniques.

Is about generate an innovated tradition that allows to conceive the buildings that have functioned optimally during the history of humanity with a contemporary language.

The expected result is intended to be forceful and direct, and for this a uid and enjoyable work system is generated that combines different techniques that offer results of great interest in a very short time. The work with the models, the sketches, the writing of short texts, the conception of the space through the geometry and the functional diagrams, the images and the sensations and atmospheres that are generated, are the main procedures to reach the described objectives and achieve an ef cient beauty.


Chapel of a Quiet Prayer
Patagonia, Argentina – Windiest conditions


Because of the noise of cruising wind, while you cross open plains of Patagonia, it is very hard to concentrate on things happening in your mind. You can hardly coordinate your own moves. A chapel is situated in an open plain, surrounded by nothing but trees bended by the wind. Removing the mass from a solid volume in a pragmatic way, I create a shape that makes a dialog with a wind. I don’t want to force him to stop being a wind. I want to make compromise and create different environment in a close proximity. Entering the chapel a visitor has an expectation, the inner space is based on contrasts, full of wander and mystery. The main void opens to the sky. Inside the void, it is very calm, but wet and it can also rain inside.. But when in Patagonia goes the rain straight down?

Tereza_interior Tereza_exterior



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